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Search Engine Optimization


The business potential of search engine promotions is unimaginable. However, is being registered with leading search engines enough? What if your rank on important keywords gets you on the 700th page on search results? Needless to say, being present on the first-second-third on critical keywords for your business is essential to harness the true power of the World Wide Web. Here you step into the realm of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Rankings.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a long-drawn, knowledge and manpower intensive process of promoting websites on leading search engines and directory listings. Effective method of SEO can provide highly targeted visitors towards your website. The first step to learn about Search Engine Optimization is to learn about the search terms that target customer uses while searching something over the internet. These search terms are key phrases or keywords which can be used to market your website effectively to search engines.


Our SEO services include :-


Proper "description" meta tags.


Create unique, accurate page titles.


Improve the structure of website's URL.


Good navigation of the website as per the SEO parameters.


Html site map page.


We Use heading tags appropriately.


Analysis and consultation on the appropriate keyword phrases to market for the site Taking care of the site's content and needful changes (if any) that would potentially increase search engine positioning.


Analysis and incorporation of the keyword coding that would maximize search engine standings.


Development of keyword for individual pages (keyword pages).


Hand Directory submissions. These include: Yahoo, MSN, AOL Search, Google, Alta Vista, All The Web and Netscape etc..


Benchmark of current standings in all important search engines and directories under agreed upon keywords and keyword phrases


Announcing your business job international and national search engines and directories related to your business.


Ongoing maintenance, modifications and re-submissions required by the frequent changes in search engine ranking algorithms and new pages being added to their databases—thus insuring premium positioning for your web site.


The key to getting more customers is a website designed and optimized so the search engines can find your site for your next customer. Once we have a good grasp on what your customers are thinking, we then construct your site to meet your customer’s needs. Your website should have one intent in mind.

Proper search engine optimization is a result of knowing your customer and targeted audience. In fact, some say that you have to get inside the mind of your customer to know exactly what they would search on Internet, if they are looking for the services which you provide then we have to use the same keywords which they will use to bring them in our website.

WebsiteDesigning.Net is perhaps the only Company that nests intellectual capital for guaranteed search engine and organic promotions. Please Contact us and our Web Business Consultants would be eager to interact with you and come out with an Action Plan on how Search Engine Optimization can offer powerful business growth for your organization..