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Website Designings

Website Designings

Do you also want to get a website developed for your business? If yes, then Websitedesignings.Net is the name for you. Founded in the year 1979  England, the company is engaged in rendering the best Web Design Services across the globe. It is a reliable Web Design Company in England, which is engaged in providing Professional Web Design Services to the clients. It’s offered Static Website Designing service is in great demand everywhere. As a whole, Web Design includes varied disciplines and skills required to design and maintain a website.

Mainly, the Professional and Static Web Designing consists of five phases i.e. Project Definition, Site Structure, Visual Design, Site Development, Testing, and Launch Plus.

1. Project Definition:

A project definition mainly comprises of a project brief and a project plan, which are developed via client survey. Project definition further includes 6 steps:

  • Conducting a client survey interview
  • Writing the Project Brief/Creative Brief with the help of client survey
  • Developing Persona(s) of the target audience
  • Writing the Project Technical Specifications, such as browser compatibility, web standards, screen resolution, download time, and accessibility.
  • Developing the Project Plan/Timeline
  • Developing a website maintenance plan

2. Site Structure:
For a great Professional/static website designing 
Services, solid site architecture is a necessity. The site structure is based upon the goals and target audiences of a website. Developing a site structure includes:

  • Content Outline
  • Site Diagram
  • Page Description Diagrams
  • Wireframes

3. Visual Design:
Visual Design is the actual design of a website, shown on the Internet. This design is based upon a good site structure and project definition.

4. Site Development:
It includes the actual building of a website. This includes confirming and refining the technical/functional plan and then building and integrating the website.

5. Testing
It is one of the most important parts of a 
professional web design process, as it checks the actual performance of a website, being designed.

6. Launch Plus:
This includes launching a website by considering the online traffic patterns and minimizing the downtime. This is followed by maintenance of a website to keep a tab on its overall performance.